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Use This Formula:
(S.F.M. x 12) / (Dia. x 3.1416)
(Dia. x R.P.M. x 3.1416) / 12
Feedrate Per R.P.M. (F.R.)
S.F.M. and F.M.
(Dia. x F.M. x 3.1416) / (S.F.M. x 12)
Feedrate Per R.P.M. (F.R.)
R.P.M. and F.M.
F.M. / R.P.M.
Feedrate Per Minute (F.M.)
F.R. x R.P.M.
R.P.M. and Diameter
.26 x R.P.M. x Dia.
S.F.M. and Diameter
(S.F.M. / Dia.) x 3.8
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